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Coach Juan here and ready to be your favorite health & fitness freak. It's time to feel wonderful!

Hey, that was a good step!

Looks like your are willing to do something very special for you. Congrats!

My name is Juan. I love playing beach volleyball and bike polo, traveling with my family by bike, drinking brown ale and eating zucchini pizza. 

Fitness to Enjoy is my online training service to help  women over 35 to get strong, flatten the belly and feel ready for their next adventure. And never ever look back!

If you need more energy for your next bikepacking trip in South Asia, climbing after your child or beating your colleagues on the next paddle tennis game, you are in the right place.


I help women to get in great shape by developing the right program for you that adapts to your busy schedule, preferred exercise space and often complex life events like pregnancy, injuries or illnesses. This will get you in the shape you need and make you feel strong and energized. Probably like never before.


Does it sounds good? Let's book a call and create your roadmap.

My mission is to help people to get strong and enjoy the process. Working out must be entertaining and make you feel wonderful before, during and after each session 🙂

Get stronger and enjoy your fitness journey with Juan

Entrenamiento con cuerdas
Mujer caminando en el bosque
Jugador de fútbol
Potter mujer haciendo taza
Image by Victor Freitas
Una mujer mayor bañándose en el mar
Outdoor Workout
Construyendo una carpa
Image by Ivana Cajina
Image by Austin Wilcox
Image by Redd F
Upward Facing Dog
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