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My name is Juan

Since I was a kid I’ve been involved in numerous sports. Probably a bit of natural talent and curiosity to study and try different sports have made me understand movement and exercise in a very broad way. This helps to understand the performance and quality of the movement when seeing different people practicing their activities and exercises.


Academically, I have studied Sports Science as a bachelor, a master on personal training and a (big) bunch of other courses around training, covering from yoga to olympic weightlifting. This wide understanding of different disciplines helps me to face similar situations from a variety of approaches, which helps to adapt to the different clients needs.


During the last years I’ve become a proud dad and finally understood and felt on my own why being healthy, energetic and strong is actually important.


Time is gold and exercising is an investment that never drops.
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Can you see yourself feeling better than ever thanks to a science based program that adapts to you and a coach that meets you wherever you are? Then let’s get in touch.
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