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The online training program not only includes your workouts on the most user-friendly app but all the support you need to stay on track and tackle any obstacle we find in our way.

We will work on setting real and valuable goals, scheduling your workouts, tracking your progress, creating your own healthy habits,  taking care of your safety and loving your own body as if it was the only one you have ;)

Online program

  • Tailored workout plans, presented in an easy-to-use app including videos and descriptions of each exercise, so you always know what and how to do.

  • Check-in video calls, so we keep close contact and see each other's faces :)

  • Nutritional advice, so we make sure you are doing the best you can.

  • Constant communication and wonderful community, so you are never alone.

  • Unlimited technique check, so you are exercising safely and efficiently.


1-on-1 live sessions

  • 1 on 1 sessions are the fastest way to your goal and a great add-on to your online program.

  • Personalized, unique and fully guided workout.​

  • Adapted learning proccess to your own strengths.

  • Flexible locations. 

Esquiar con bastones de esquí

Let's make it happen

You can wait for the planets to align, but there is no better day than today

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